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Even Flow

The Even Flow is a progressive rock band.

The band's name comes from the will
of its members to express their real ideas and emotions.

The band was founded in the late nineties by brothers Pier Paolo (guitar) and George Lunesu (drums).

In 2008, the band released the first EP debut 'Dream Weaver',
receiving universal acclaim from fans and critics alike.

In 2010, the band returned to the studio to record her second album
'' Ancient Memories ", which reveals a more mature and eclectic.
This album features collaborations prestigious
Fabrizio Di Sarno keyboardist and collaborator in the albums of Paul Di Anno, along with Angra and Shaman
Jani Loikas bassist leaders Nocturnal Winds.

The album received positive responses in the international arena, and because of it the group is selected
from over 2,000 bands to participate in the final contest of the Sweden Rock Festival.
The band was ranked ninth as the only Italian band.

In 2012 the band embarks on his first European tour, playing in the city of Bolzano, Monaco of Bavaria,
Prague and Bratislava

In 2013 the band brings for the first time in their city former singer Blaze Bayley
Iron Maiden, the concert is a success.
In the same year the band entered the studio to record his
third album '' Flower Paths ''.

'' Flower Paths''è an EP hued progressive hearing with the participation of Mark Zonder
historical drummer of Fates Warning, Mike Lepond (bassist of Symphony X) along with Matt Guillory (collaborator
keyboardist and solo projects of current singer James Labrie of Dream Theater).

2015 for the band opens with a new European tour in support of the album 'Flower Paths', playing
in the historic Rock N ' Roll Club in Milan with Roberto Tiranti historical voice of the Labyrinth,
touching the city of Monaco of the Bavarian and Salzburg.
In the same year the band opens the WonderWorld Roberto Guys with Ken Ingwersen on guitar and Tom Arne Fossheim on drums,
superband supporting during world tours historic founder Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep and brilliant mind.

Pier Paolo Lunesu - Lead guitarGiorgio Lunesu - DrumsGavino Salaris - BassAlessandro Tilocca -Guitar


2CD flower paths + ancient memories
10,00 €
Flower Paths
Flower Paths
7,00 €
Ancient Memories
Ancient Memories
7,00 €
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